Why Register?

Anyone who has diabetes and is over the age of 18 can register their interest in possible clinical trial participation with the Volunteer Outreach Programme. You can register online or by phone, using the details on the front page of this website which can be found here (link from wording).

Once you have registered into the programme, the details you provide (such as location or current medication) will be used to see if there are any matches to any current clinical trials. Opportunities to participate fluctuate throughout the year because the types of trial, location and duration vary.

One way of viewing the programme is as a ‘matchmaking’ service which puts researchers looking for clinical trial participants in touch with people who have an interest in clinical trial participation. Like a matchmaking service, not all matches will be suitable. Different studies look for people fitting various criteria, such as looking for people taking specific medication. Additionally, it may be that different types of study may be of more or less interest to potential participants.

If there is a clinical trial site in your area conducting a suitable study, your details will be passed on to them and they will contact you to discuss the trial in more detail. If you are interested in taking part, they will then send you further written information and discuss with you the next stage of the process. When you have received all the information about the trial and had time to consider it, you will then be asked whether you wish to participate or not. Regardless of whether you decide to participate in an individual study or not, you will remain on the database as it may be that there will be other studies in the future which you are interested in participating in.

If you do decide to participate in the trial you will then be required to give written informed consent. Information will be given to you verbally and in writing and will be discussed with you by the study doctor and research team. The information will include: details on the nature of the study, what will be required of the participants, any known benefits, side effects and any known risks involved. You have the right to withdraw from the trial at any time without notice and will not be required to supply a reason should you decide to do so. Once you have been supplied with all the information, you will then be asked to sign the consent form. All volunteers must read and sign an informed consent form before participating in a clinical trial.

Novo Nordisk endeavours to ensure that all participants, regardless of sex, age, disability, race, ethnicity, language and any educational needs are treated as equals and are fully informed on the issues involved in participation.

To register your interest in future Novo Nordisk diabetes clinical trials:
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